Sunday, 12 January 2020

Answers to imaginary questions

How do I get inside a row in Klamphuggeren's phone books
when I don't have a Google account
That's easy
How do I advertise on Facebook
when I don't have a Facebook account
That's easy

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Get started for real

To get an X now and then and get started for real
it could be a good idea to use simple advertising which everyone can understand

If you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other place on the web
then you can write like this, as a new post or a simple link

Hemming 1.000.001 Denmark

This is my ID number
Get your own ID number
Write your own name in front of your own number
and the name of your own country after your own number

Place a picture first and then place your own name, number, and country

number 1     number 2     number 3     number 4     number 5

number 6     number 7     number 8     number 9     number 10

It won't cost you a dime
You can see here below how I do it on

Facebook     Linkedin     Twitter     A blog     A webpage

You will get an X each time you use the advertisement
as a link, if you write it in "I have shared"

You will also get an X each time you have delivered one, on a piece of paper, as an advertisement
in 100 post boxes, (Where it is legal) if you write it in "I have delivered"

You can get a template here and A video

You can get another template here and A video

Will you translate     A video   Some writing

Have you translated     A video     Some writing